It’s Summertime at Brookstone!!

School is out and summer is here, but at Brookstone, that only means new opportunities for adventure!

Camp B is in full swing, going on its 4th week of action packed fun!  From fishing, to swimming, to a Huck Finn themed adventure in the woods, Camp B is high on energy and imagination!


Fishing Camp!


Tennis Camp!





Huck Finn Fort Building!


Art Camp!

There are still adventures to be had at Camp B, so register your child today!

But our student adventures are not limited to campus or even to the great state of Georgia.  Since school has been out, we’ve had Brookstone students traveling far and wide!

We’ve had a college tour travel west and visit 14 different colleges and universities in Mississippi, Texas, New Orleans and Alabama.



We had a group of middle school students, faculty and parents travel to London, England, Bruges, Belgium and Paris, France in the first part of June.


We also have a group of upper school students and faculty members traveling through Greece and Italy, visiting the many historic sites and exploring the mediterranean culture.


What a summer!  And it’s not even over yet!

Summer is a time of adventure and exploration and Brookstone recognizes that some of the greatest learning opportunities occur outside of the classroom.  I am grateful for a school that embraces and encourages its students to try new things, learn new skills, to travel, grow and explore.  Perhaps this picture sums it up best –  three of our faculty, Katie Forsyth, Upper School French teacher, Krista Maggart, drama teacher, and Cortney Laughlin, Servant Leadership, giving thanks for this school and all the opportunities it provides.  I echo their sentiments in every way.


Want to see more pictures from our summer adventures?  Follow us on Facebook at Brookstone School (Official)!  You can also follow us on Instagram and Twitter and on Instagram, you can even follow our College Counseling Department, too, at Brookstone_College_Office.

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