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Columbus is One Cool Cat

We have always known Columbus was cool, but for the Chicago Tribune to be calling us that, we know we’ve finally made it! Click here to read the full article, written just this week, highlighting just a few of the amazing things going on in our beloved city of Columbus. Of course, we think Brookstone should be included as well, but for those considering a move to this great place, know that we are here for you! An amazing school and an amazing city – here in Columbus, you have […]

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An Email from a Happy Parent…

There is nothing better than having a parent share how much their children love Brookstone! It just makes a heart happy to hear! So with her permission, I am sharing the email below from one of our current parents. Enjoy! As my daughter was skipping around the island tonight saying “I love Brookstone” while she prepared for school on Monday, I realized I have not written to you yet. I wish I wrote down all of my impressions last week when I was at the school in meetings for Lower, […]

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The Importance of Play

As a child growing up on a dairy farm in the small town of Madison, Georgia, my friends and I spent our days entertaining ourselves outdoors.  We only came home for a few minutes to grab a bite to eat before racing back outside to find something else to climb, ride, or even burn. No, I was not lighting the neighbor’s storage shed on fire.  However, I had a blast seeing how many small things I could burn using a magnifying glass. Take a minute and think back to your […]

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