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Grandparents’ Day

A few weeks ago, we celebrated another wonderful Grandparents’ Day! Here at Brookstone, we made the move from a school-wide Grandparents’ Day celebration to limiting it to just two classes – Kindergarten and 7th grade. The reason behind this move was to allow for a truly intentional visit one on one instead of having grandparents drop in to a number of classrooms visiting multiple grandchildren. The result of this move has made for a wonderful time for both grandchildren and grandparents alike! The Kindergarten classes started with a performance in […]

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Deliberate Life

My second born just completed his Deliberate Life speech. As a Brookstone senior, it is a rite-of-passage. But it is more than a speech – more than a project. It’s choosing to live deliberately. Inspired by a quote from Henry David Thoreau, our Deliberate Life projects seek to challenge our seniors on an entirely different level than a typical senior research paper or project. Thoreau says, “I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate himself by conscious endeavor…I went to the woods because […]

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Lower School Art!

We made history today at Brookstone School! Pre-K had their very first day in the art room with our beloved Deana Graham, affectionately known as “Mama D,” and they were naturals! Art has long been incorporated into the 3K and pre-k curriculum, but it has always been confined to their classrooms. But now, they are finally making the trip to the lower school art room where so much beautiful magic happens! For their first time with Mama D, they combined art and chemistry, while they painted with colored vinegar onto […]

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