Parenting is Tough. Seek Wisdom.

Parenting is tough. No doubt about it.

Do you ever feel like you mistake one after another? Or do you ever feel like you have no idea what the right choice is in any given situation? Do you ever simply pray your children grow into responsible, productive members of society IN SPITE of the mistakes you’ve made?

Me, too.

That’s why we are thrilled to host Dr. Tim Elmore, president of Growing Leaders, next Tuesday, March 8th at 6:00 in the Turner Center. He’s going to talk to us about the greatest mistakes we can AVOID while raising our children to be successful adults.

This event is open to the public, so please join us. I promise you, Dr. Elmore will not disappoint.

Should you have any questions, email Hannah Mize, middle school teacher and guidance counselor. We hope to see you there!



This event was fantastic. As I sat and listened to Tim, I had two thoughts. One, parenting is hard and two, I am grateful for this community of parents who are all in this together. None of us are perfect. None of us have perfect kids. It am so grateful for a school who invests in these types of programs to help us along the way. It was a wonderful night!


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