Page One Awards

Last night, the 41st annual Page One Awards were held at the Bill Heard Theatre at the River Center downtown. We are so proud of our nominees, winners and runners-up! Congratulations to all of you!


Some of Brookstone Page One Nominees – L-R – Catherine Cole, Kathleen Sway, Ashton Leddon, Koyal Angsikar, Cara Hunter, Kate Jenkins, Lindsay Giglio, Brandon Cho.


Cara Hunter, Ashton Leddon and Koyal Angsikar with their awards.


Koyal Angsikar, Science, pictured with biology teacher, Cynthia Lingo.


Cara Hunter, Drama, receives her award.

Spotted at the Page One Awards May 3, 2016

Ashton Leddon, runner up, Citizenship.

Spotted at the Page One Awards May 3, 2016

Maria Reed, left, runner up, Sara Spano Teacher of the Year.


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