Saying goodbye is hard!

Below is a letter from one of our parents, Nancy Peng, to Leigh Anne Floyd, head of the Intermediate School, upon her family’s departure back to China.

13239206_2055378844688192_3679434302460271878_nDear Mrs. Floyd,

It’s so hard for us to say goodbye to Brookstone School! The passed 10 months for Andy and our family are the best memory in our life! I watched Andy’s growth day by day,  his progresses are not only at language improvement, furthermore on manner and mindset change. Every teacher gave him most love and encouragement, we still keep every card he got from teachers with a lot of encouraged words and smile. He got friends here, lovely students didn’t leave him alone but embraced him to each activity. His be loved math team gave him many confidence, keeping him diligent with desire in order to honor Brookstone school. He is exciting everyday to school to play Gaga Ball or talk with friends. The school life here is really the best attraction to him!

Thank you, Brookstone School! From my heart we do appreciate what you did giving Andy and our family the best time we had ever! He doesn’t want to leave but we have to leave to stay more time with family. I do believe what Andy learnt in Brookstone school will benefit his life forever! When Andy grew up I hope him be able to honor Brookstone School wherever he goes! 

Andy said he is going to cry to say goodbye, he is so sad by thinking leave, my broken English can’t help him at school, but our family will warmly welcome whoever come to visit China from Brookstone school, we hope someday we can meet again!

Thank you, Brookstone School! For inspiring Andy’s life!

Wish Brookstone School is going better and better!

Andy’s Family


From Andy himself…delivered to the students in the Intermediate School on his last day.

This is going to be my first speech in my life.

I really appreciate Brookstone school, all teachers and all students. I came to Brookstone with broken English and inappropriate manners. After almost one year, Brookstone changed me a lot.

When the school year started, I almost knew nothing. From my social study and science to my reading and writing, they’re all difficult for me. Everyday I go back to my house and study, it’s just a disaster because I really can’t understand those words! I even cried a lot at the beginning, of course at home. (Don’t misunderstand me, I do love each subject) Now I feel much better and I get lots of fun from studying.

I want to say, thank you to all of my teachers, thank you for being my teacher. You taught me how to read and write, how to use computer. I love my math team. It’s the best team I ever have. I will miss all the time we’ve being working hard together.

My dream is to be a scientist someday, but my real interest started from Brookstone. However, now i’m really curious about who will be the new president for America. (It doesn’t meant I don’t want to be a scientist.)

I also want to thank every student in Brookstone. You help me a lot on talking and “playing.” I’m so glad that everyone wants to be my friend. I kept every card you wrote to me. When I read it, I can’t help smiling. Every day is my best memory.

No words can express my heart to my school. I love everyone. And if you get a chance to visit me in China, our family is more than welcome to have you there.

And most of all, I will miss you forever!


We will miss you, too, Andy! Keep in touch and come back to visit us soon!

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