Field Trips!

As we all know, an incredible world exists outside of our classrooms and there is nothing we love more than giving our students the opportunity to explore, learn and experience history and culture in new and fresh ways. And over the past several weeks, our students have been out and about doing just that.

Our 6th, 7th, and 8th graders all spent time off campus last week – the 8th graders traveling to North Carolina for a camping adventure; the 7th graders went to Savannah, GA for a Georgia history tour and the 6th graders spent the day exploring Columbus!

Our sophomore class also had the opportunity to explore local history on a tour of town with our very own guide, Jack Schley, Class of 2011. Jack is known for his vast knowledge of local history and the sophomores explored sites that they often drive by on a daily basis without ever knowing the history behind them!

Enjoy these pictures and videos from all the fun!

Sixth Grade Columbus Adventures:

7th Grade Georgia History Trip to Savannah:
8th Grade Camping Trip to North Carolina:
Sophomore Columbus History Tour:
File_001.jpegFile_000 (8).jpeg


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