Grandparents’ Day

A few weeks ago, we celebrated another wonderful Grandparents’ Day!

Here at Brookstone, we made the move from a school-wide Grandparents’ Day celebration to limiting it to just two classes – Kindergarten and 7th grade. The reason behind this move was to allow for a truly intentional visit one on one instead of having grandparents drop in to a number of classrooms visiting multiple grandchildren. The result of this move has made for a wonderful time for both grandchildren and grandparents alike!

The Kindergarten classes started with a performance in the cafeteria followed by a special snack and then time in the classroom. The seventh graders also spent time in the classrooms before coming to the cafeteria for a luncheon. And special keep-sake photos were taken in the garden of each child and their grandparents or special friends! It was a lovely morning enjoyed by all! Enjoy the photos and video below!

File_000 (11)

The Kindergartners sing for their grandparents!



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