Virtual Field Trip

Sometimes, you get to leave campus for a field trip, but sometimes, that field trip comes to you! It’s just one more way that Brookstone strives to provide exceptional educational experiences for our students!

Yesterday morning, Dee Dee Branham’s Marine Biology class went on a real time, virtual field trip to a sea turtle hospital in Florida yesterday morning during 1st period. And they never left their classroom!

A marine biologist introduced the students to the turtles, told the stories of how they ended up in the hospital, and explained the healing and release process is for each turtle, all the while weaving information and education about the different species of turtles.

It was fascinating, engaging and the students loved it. Please click here to enjoy this short clip from the “trip”:

File_000 (1)
But sometimes, learning takes place outside the classroom and this very same class also went to dive with the Manatees in Crystal River, Florida over winter break a few months ago.
Grateful for a school who takes our students out into the world, but also brings the world to them!

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