College Tour 2017

Every year, our College Office takes students on a College Tour to see college and university campuses all across the country. This year, over spring break, about 30 kids loaded up on a bus and began the trek north to the Virginia/Washington, DC area to visit some of the most beautiful campuses and prestigious schools in the country.

This year, they visited 9 schools, including the University of Richmond and the University of Mary Washington, Virginia Commonwealth University, the University of Virginia, Washington and Lee, James Madison University, George Mason University, , Georgetown University, and the George Washington University. They were supposed to visit the College of William and Mary, too, but their plans were derailed by a flat tire! Maybe next time!


Students at the base of the Washington Monument


Virginia Commonwealth University


Sophomores Ryan Drew and Blake Foster are ready for the trip!


James Madison University

File_000 (22).jpeg

College counselor Jon Terrell visiting with senior Alex Ridley, Brookstone Class of 2013, at Georgetown.

File_005 (3).jpeg

Visiting with UVA freshman Brandon Cho, Brookstone Class of 2016.

File_002 (7).jpeg

George Washington University

File_007 (1).jpeg

File_001 (6).jpeg

Georgetown University

File_008 (1).jpeg

A flat tire thwarted the plans to visit the College of William and Mary.

File_006 (2).jpeg

The Rotunda at UVA

File_004 (3).jpeg

In front of Lee Chapel at Washington and Lee University

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