Oxford Trip 2017

For the past seven years Brookstone School has collaborated with Columbus State University in offering a Spring Break trip to Oxford, England and a stay in the Spencer House.  Both Brookstone and Columbus State University have benefited from the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Spencer over the years, and having access to the home they made available to CSU has been wonderful.

This annual educational trip is a student favorite and offers the opportunity to visit many well known sites in Oxford and beyond.  Highlights of the 2017 trip included: two days in London touring St. Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey, along with attending a west end play and a soccer match.  While in Oxford the group toured Christchurch College, the Ashmolean Museum and Blenheim Palace.  A day trip to Bath was also part of the itinerary.

Access to the Spencer House makes the trip truly unique.  Preparing meals in the spacious kitchen and dining in the garden with the hedgehog are just a few of the wonderful memories this trip provides.
In keeping with the school’s strategic plan, the Oxford trip provides experiential learning opportunities that prepare Brookstone students to be engaged citizens in their community, country, and world.  We look forward to many more trips in the years to come! Thank you, Spencer family!
Oxford - Christchurch.jpg

Inside Christ Church


Seniors Kay Moon and Taylor Roos


In front of Big Ben


Dining at home in the Spencer House.


Seniors Savanah Fowler and Marty Laughbaum in front of Westminster Abbey


Seniors Dane Westerlund and Darby Miller inside the Roman Baths.


Seniors Bethel Culpepper, Wynn Mullin and Sydney Lavendar inside the Roman Baths. 


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