Senior Mentor Breakfast

This morning, Brookstone held our 8th annual Senior Mentor Breakfast, where seniors pay homage to the many wonderful people who have encouraged them, taught them, motivated them and inspired them over the course of their upper school years.

We were fortunate to have alumna, Betsy Covington, Class of 1979, as our key-note speaker. She delivered an excellent message to the group about living your life as an example to others, something she does so very well.

A huge thanks to all of those who mentor our children. Your impact on their lives is immeasurable.

For more pictures from the breakfast, visit our Facebook page.


Football Coach James McKeel and Elijah Epps and Walker Cotrell


Young Life leaders, Jeff Jones and Matt Lage with seniors John Pope and Don Dakin. Matt is also an upper school teacer.


Dr. John Harkey with Josh Long


Jamie Sheek, Betsy Covington, Gabriela Galigaras, Asim Ahmed and Abigail Pitts.


Dr. Dorothy Cheruiyot and Lydia Mullins


Bhavik Mewar and his mentor, Rit Patel.

File_001 (12).jpeg

Levi Wolff and his Latin Teacher, Peter Parisi

File_000 (37).jpeg

Betsy Covington addresses the audience.

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