Coding Competition

Pic Quest Coding Team.jpg

Matthew Hannay, Reed Bickerstaff and Imaad Khan.

Congratulations to sophomores Matthew Hannay, Reed Bickerstaff and senior Imaad Khan, who recently placed 3rd in the annual Lockheed Martin Quest Coding Competition.

Held at eleven Lockheed Martin sites world wide, the competition lasted 2.5 hours and the teams had 18 problems to solve. They could choose either Python or Java for each problem, the two languages we teach here in the Programming I & II, (Python) and AP Computer Science and Robotics (Java) classes.

In addition to their victory, they also got to tour the production floor with C-130’s in various stages of production, parts for the submarine hunter, and the fuselage for the F-35 fighter.
It was an incredible experience and they are already making plans and looking to next year! Congratulations, boys!

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