Country Fair 2017

For over 40 years, the Brookstone Community has gathered to celebrate Country Fair Day and this year was no different! Well – except for the fact that it was rainy and the temperature was a crisp 50 degrees – which is so typical of May in Georgia.

Regardless, the weather did not dampen our spirits and the fair went on without a hitch!


These shots are from the kids hanging out prior to the Country Fair Play!

File_003 (5).jpegFile_002 (12).jpeg


Even the faculty had a number in the show – “Take this job and LOVE IT!”


All the students Pre-K through 5th grade take part in the show!

18403990_1358263827561418_6198091916952716505_o (1).jpg18358816_1358263310894803_7818727981745273640_o (1).jpg18320809_1358257424228725_2850411404918226628_o.jpg


File_001 (14).jpeg

File_000 (43).jpeg

Afterwards, the midway is open for business! Upper school students and teachers run the games and serve the food and the little kids play and have a ball! Enjoy these pictures from the day!


18319061_1358238130897321_3045503954626042622_oFile_000 (44).jpeg18358606_1358237290897405_8675621844190968906_o.jpg18320514_1358239840897150_5701793833925127305_o.jpg18402186_1358245310896603_7509248348597321986_o.jpg18279029_1358248237562977_8530556685346724187_o.jpg18358848_1358237694230698_2509069282831574304_o.jpg18358762_1358237167564084_7071087065540531738_o.jpg




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