Summer Adventures!

Summer Adventures have taken Brookstone students around the world! Enjoy these pictures from their adventures.

File_000 (64).jpeg

Upperschoolers Virginia Pearson, Lynn Pearson, Elyse Sway, Rohini Rewatkar and Helen Snavely traveling Austria and Prague with middle school French teacher, Elizabeth Thorne.

File_000 (63).jpeg

Rising 8th grade girls at Wyld Life’s Camp Southwind with WL leader and Director of Admissions, Avery Wolff.


Rising 7th graders traveled to Yellowstone National Park with middle school Spanish teacher, Joy Sloan, and Upper School Principal Manning Weir.


Rising juniors traveled to Young Life’s Crooked Creek Ranch with YL leaders, Kate Hargrove, Class of 2006, former middle school math teacher, Lindsay Lage, and upper school economics teacher, Matt Lage.

File_000 (66).jpeg

College Counselors Frances Berry and Jon Terrell on their own college tour! Visiting Harvard, Boston College, Boston University, Tufts, MIT and more. (Pictured above at Harvard.)


But you don’t have to travel far for an awesome adventure! Here is just one picture from Camp B – Huck Finn Camp! Adventure can be in your very own back yard!

For more pictures of Brookstone summer adventures, please visit our Facebook or Instagram.

Happy Summer everyone!

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