Be the One Who Serves

We have all been shocked and disheartened at the devastation Hurricane Harvey left in his wake and the question many of us are asking is, “How can we help?”

Prompted by the urging of our students, who were asking just that, our upper school jumped into high gear.

Dean of Students, Mark Erb, and his wife, Judy, who teaches 2nd grade, volunteered to drive their truck with the drama/band trailer full of supplies to Beaumont, Texas over the weekend. They asked for donations from upper school families alone and were overwhelmed by their response.

Mark writes in an email to the upper school,

The trailer and truck are loaded and ready to roll with supplies still trickling in!!

Nobody kept track of totals but I think it would be safe to say we have at least 1000 gallons of water, 300 pounds of food products, 100 or more pounds of pet foods and enough diapers to outfit the next baby boom!  And there’s another few hundred pounds of miscellaneous stuff, including paper towels, cleaning supplies, clothes, shoes, flashlights, batteries, cots, etc. 

Thanks to everyone that brought things in and/or helped load it. 

Thanks to all for BEING THE ONE!


Upon arrival in Beaumont, the Red Cross directed them to New Birth Community Baptist Church-Pastor Torey Doucette & Cathedral of Faith-Pastor Delbert Mack. Mark said both the recipients and the donors were brought to tears!


Thank you, Mark and Judy, for spearheading this effort and for allowing our students the opportunity to help our friends in Texas.

And this trip is not the only way they are helping. Our servant leadership department has partnered with MAP International and their partner YouGiveGoods to help provide additional aid to those who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey.

So if you were not able to donate last week to the efforts, starting today, you will be able to participate by purchasing much-needed items for what is called a “Disaster Health Kit (DHK).” These kits are based on the real needs of people in Houston as determined by MAP International. All of the items purchased will be shipped in bulk to MAP International which is coordinating deliveries to the area shelters that are most in need on a daily basis.

Donating items for the kits is easy! All you have to do is click on the link below to purchase the goods you would like to donate.

Our drive will last through September 30. Please visit that link often and share it with others to help us meet our goal of 6,000 donated items. You can contact Cortney Laughlin with any questions you might have.

While this post is certainly not intended to glamorize our actions, it is simply a way of showing that service is a way of life here at Brookstone. It is embedded in our culture and in the hearts of our students and families. We are grateful to all of you who have already given and to those who plan to do so. Our hearts and our prayers remain with our friends in Texas as they begin the clean-up and the healing process.


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