Brookstone Science Academy

The study of science is happening at all levels in all divisions at Brookstone, but there is one group of students who is digging in a little deeper.


Offered as part of our Brookstone Extended enrichment programs, the Brookstone Academy is offered after school once a week for eight weeks, instructed by Mrs. Cynthia Lingo, Upper School science teacher and department chair. This past semester, students in 4th-8th grades who had a particular interest in science experimentation and exploration were a part of the class. The curriculum includes life science, chemistry, and physics so the students are exposed to different areas of interest.


During the fall session, students spent time exploring the creek on campus and setting traps for fish and crayfish, as well as dissecting preserved crayfish. They also did behavioral experiments with mice. Calling on engineering skills, the students built a bridge that spanned four feet long and once it was built, trained mice to cross the bridge! They also planted radish and corn seeds that are growing and will be ready to start our hydroponics aquariums during winter session. In the area of chemistry, experiments included included a slime lab, a pH lab and a density and polarity lab that resulted in a test tube lava lamp. And they did all of this while having a blast! After all, nothing beats hands-on learning and experimentation.

Another session will begin in January and run for another 8 weeks! For more information or to sign up, email Jodi Saunders, director of Brookstone Extended.


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