A Reunion in the Air


Brookstone teachers are the best around and the way they invest in our students lives is simply unsurpassed. Relationships here at school truly do last a lifetime! When we say we are a family – we mean it! So what an awesome surprise when a former student and teacher ran into each other a mile in the sky!

Avery Hudson, Class of 2013, who now works as a flight attendant for Delta Airlines, was thrilled to have her former middle school Latin teacher, Linda Wallman, on one of her recent flights!

See what Avery wrote of the encounter below. It’s a beautiful example of how much our students and teachers mean to each other.

Mrs. Wallman, you are the best Latin teacher, the coolest middle school mentor, and now my favorite passenger!!!!! You have always been a perfect balance of grace, intelligence, and wisdom. Thank you for believing in me and in each of your students 💛 #Keepclimbing and rocking retirement!!!!!!!!


Categories: Alumni, Faculty

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