Commitment to Professional Learning

Our teachers here at Brookstone are hands-down, bar-none, undeniably THE BEST.

They love our kids, they encourage our kids, and they tirelessly pour out their lives into our kids. I am so grateful for each and every teacher who has been a part of my children’s lives.

But our teachers are more than just really awesome people, which goes without saying. Our teachers are also professionals. And Brookstone’s commitment to professional learning and development is unsurpassed.


This year alone, over the past six months, we have had teachers attend the following conferences and seminars:


Professional learning also happens here on campus.

  • We’ve had visits from Ellin Oliver Keene, reknown author and professor, who led workshops and demo lessons on engagement and deeper learning strategies for our Lower and Intermediate School students.
  • All of our 1st-3rd Grade teachers were trained on Orton-Gillingham methodology, by Jennings Miller, a fellow in the Academy of Orton Gillingham Practitioners and Educators. Orton-Gillingham is a multi-sensory approach to teaching spelling, reading, grammar, and written expression for students who struggle to read due to language-based learning disabilities such as dyslexia.
  • All Lower and Intermediate School grade-levels engaged in an inquiry-based coaching cycle: reflected on current practice, established a common area for growth, developed inquiry questions, studied student conversation via video and articles, set student-centered goals, and developed plans for lesson study to gather student data.
  • Our very own Learning Center instructor worked with all LS and IS teachers on strategies for supporting students with ADD and ADHD.

img_6906img_6899img_6885The bottom line is this. In order to ensure our students are engaged, active, and collaborative in the classroom, we must make sure our teachers are as well. There are always ways to improve, perfect, and refine what we do. There is always more to learn. That’s why our commitment to professional development is so strong.

As a parent and a colleague, I am grateful.


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