To the Ones Before Us

We hope you enjoy the newest Brookstone video. This video highlights some of the amazing things our Brookstone students experience every day.
And the greatest part about this video, in my opinion, is the fact that it authentically captures what happens in classrooms, on the stage and on the field. These kids were actually in the classes depicted or the performances highlighted. The students were actually working or practicing or playing while we were filming. It’s 100% true to life, which makes it all the more special.
We hope you enjoy this little glimpse into life here at Brookstone! Come visit us soon to see for yourself!
YouTube – Brookstone School: To the Ones Before Us – School Promo
Facebook – Brookstone School
To the ones before us…
The ones that paved the way 
The ones who create….
The ones we respect….
You did the work
You set the mold
Now…it’s our turn
It’s our time
The power is in our hands
The future is within our reach
To the ones before us…
Ready or not, here we come


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