Middle School Fun!

The middle school years often get a bad rap, but I am here to tell you our Middle School is amazing. I am so grateful for teachers who consistently raise the bar and make it an AWESOME place to be! Our teachers are engaged, enthusiastic, and committed to creating an environment that makes learning fun. My own child, a current 6th grader, said last week, “I can’t wait to go to math today!” Well, that is just not a statement often heard out of the mouths of middle school kiddos. But when you see what our teachers are doing, I think you will agree! Our Middle School is the BEST! Thank you, teachers, for doing what you do!

Why Brookstone? Because our Middle School is awesome. #betheonewhomakeslearningfun


“Fireside” reading in Mrs. Fuerte’s Room


Scrub in for Some Problem Solving Fun!



Medical Math Mysteries with Mrs. Leatherwood

75223648_10102779990444112_8070622300874997760_o (1)

Potions and Chemical Reactions in Mrs. Robertson’s Class

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