Sending Love to Our Seniors on Prom Night

The annual Brookstone Junior/Senior Prom was supposed to be last weekend, but due to the COVID-19 virus, had to be canceled. Still, our juniors wanted our seniors to know how much they were loved, so they sent them a little video shout out! 

They also asked some of the senior teachers to deliver Prom gift bags that included their official Prom invitation and a few little keepsakes. It was more than just delivering the goodies, it was the sentiment behind it! We love our seniors and we join them in mourning all the milestones they are having to miss!


One of the sweetest moments was captured on camera, featuring Senior Grade Chair, Dee Dee Branham and senior Parker Hicks. Parker’s father writes below:


One of the best decisions my wife and I ever made was to send our children to Brookstone School. Just a few minutes ago our doorbell rang. We live in the middle of nowhere, so the doorbell ringing is a big deal. I opened the door to find Dee Dee Branham standing there with a gift for Parker. Tonight was supposed to be Parker’s senior prom. She delivered what was supposed to be the gifts from the junior class. Parker jumped up as soon as he heard Dee Dee’s voice — and with no thought just ran and hugged her. This is the most emotional I have felt through all of this — and I will be eternally grateful to Brookstone School for the love and support we have received through the years.

We love you, Seniors!

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