Have College Questions? Ask our Counselors!

Junior parents! Have questions? Come get your answers! You are invited to a virtual Coffee with our College Counselors! Bring all your questions about the college process for the Class of 2022 and let’s talk! Tuesday, October 27th at 8:30 am. You can click here to join via Zoom!

And what about our Class of 2020 – the class who truly made history? Where have they ended up? Let’s find out!

From Mr. MacLellan:

The class of 2020 attended 27 different colleges with 62% of those colleges being out of state. The most popular schools the students attended were the University of Georgia, the University of Alabama, and Auburn University. Additional schools of note were Vanderbilt UniversityThe Blair School of Music, Tufts, and The United States Naval Academy. We are incredibly proud of this class and how they persevered through such an unusual senior year.

You can click here to see the full college profile. And you can watch their “College Choice” video by clicking here.

And our current seniors? Mr. MacLellan says:

The Class of 2021 consists of 58 very talented students. Of course, COVID-19 has impacted their college search extensively. The biggest change they have experienced is in the area of testing. Over 1,600 colleges are currently test-optional. (You can read more about this by clicking here!) This includes all colleges and universities in the state of Georgia. Our students are well-positioned to be competitive in applicant pools because of the work they do in the classroom. I think it is a great opportunity for students who have strong academic records but might have test scores that don’t mirror that ability, to apply to colleges they might not have considered in the past. It’s going to be another great year.

For any questions about the college process or our College Counselling Department, please contact Bob MacLellan at rmaclellan@brookstoneschool.org. We are so grateful for all they do for our students and their families!

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