Brookstone in the Springtime

This week has been one of those weeks that reminds me of all the reasons I love this school.  The weather has been postcard perfect, the skies are a spectacular blue, the trees are budding and the birds are singing.  It’s just absolutely beautiful.

But it’s more than the beautiful campus that makes me love this school.  It’s the people here.  It’s the students.  It’s the teachers – working together, growing together, learning together.  The campus is alive with activity and I get to see it all first hand.  Iit is such a privilege.

Just yesterday alone, I was touring a family around campus.  It could not have been a more beautiful day.  They were amazed at our facilities, really impressed, and kept commenting on how lovely everything was.  Their daughter was visiting a classroom while we toured and she happened to be on the playground as we walked by.  As she ran over to greet her father, she had two girls run with her, their arms wrapped around their new friend.  It was precious.

At the same time, across campus, some of our high schoolers were packing lunches with Fox Elementary School students to distribute at the Valley Rescue Rescue.  Our relationship with Fox is wonderful for everyone involved and serving together in this capacity proved no different.  One of the teachers there posted a picture of the event with the caption, “My heart is full!  Today, Brookstone Upper School and 8 Fox Elementary students made 150 bagged lunches for the Valley Rescue Mission!  I am always so amazed and inspired by the kind hearts of these kids.  #iLOVEmyjob.”  What could be more wonderful than that?


Later that afternoon, my youngest son had his first ever Cub Track meet.  He was so excited.  (Cub sports are offered through Brookstone Extended and they allow our younger students participate in intramural-type sports activities on campus.)  So after school, on a beautiful spring day, he leapt with joy down to the track to join his other Cub Track teammates and gear up for the meet.

And this meet is no small event.  They’ve been coached over the last few weeks by our actual track coaches – the varsity track coaches – who are first class all the way and some of my favorite people in the whole world.   They are assisted by our varsity track team members, who are awesome, and the whole design gives the little kids someone to admire and the big kids someone to mentor.  It makes this mom’s heart happy.  Our high schoolers cheering on our little ones, running alongside them, carrying them when they get tired,  and holding their hand as they walk to the next event…it’s just precious.  There are things about schools which can be measured and then there are things like that.  Those relationships and shared memories will bear fruit for years to come.

Forgive the shameless sharing of adorableness.  I can’t even stand how precious he is…

IMG_7124 IMG_6833

So as the long, beautiful, busy day was winding down,  I paused momentarily to reflect.  This was just another wonderful day in the life of Brookstone.  There are hundreds of sweet stories and pause worthy moments happening all across campus at any given time –  kids learning, serving, growing, exploring, flourishing and smiling together.  They might be all isolated, individual events, but together, they are woven together into the most beautiful tapestry of a shared experience.  I just wish I could be there to capture them all.

*Originally written on March 19, 2015

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