A great day to be at Brookstone!

You know it’s a great day for Brookstone when the front page of the newspaper announces “Brookstone Student Wins Top Award!”

The 40th Annual Page One Awards were given out last night and huge congratulations go out to senior Gabrielle Resnick for winning the Tucker-Wilder Scholarship for journalism.  We’re so proud of her!!

We’re equally proud of senior Ishani Rewatkar for winning the Page One Award for Science last night, as well.  These girls are not only super smart with an amazing future ahead of them, they are just lovely young women both inside and out.  I’m so looking forward to watching them grow and flourish at both UGA and UAB next year.  Congrats, girls!!!

Then on the front page of the sports section were articles celebrating the successes of our baseball and tennis teams!  The baseball team is in the second round of state playoffs and both of our girls and boys tennis teams have made it to the state finals.  We’re so proud of you all!!!  You represent us well, indeed!

On the academic side of things, today was parent teacher conference day in the lower and intermediate schools and that is always a treat.  One of my favorite parts of our lower school curriculum is the reading and writing instruction.  I LOVE the stories my little one writes and illustrates.  They are so full of everything that make him who he is – enthusiasm, adventure and joyful life experiences.  And his teachers work to bring this out of him, helping him to organize his thoughts and put them on paper.  Even in first grade, they are teaching him to his their own ideas,  put them into his own words in a coherent, logical fashion.  That’s a pretty amazing feat for a seven-year old.

And in our Intermediate School, the students themselves LED the conferences!  Talk about self-awareness!  They discussed their progress, their strengths and the areas they need more work in.  How awesome is that?  Our IS principal said there was hardly a dry eye in those conferences and both students and parents were beaming with pride.  What a wonderful day!

And to top ALL of that off, just look at this gorgeous picture I snapped while walking across campus today.  I mean, how beautiful is this?


We’re blessed to be surrounded by such beauty and blessed to be a part of this amazing community of teachers, parents and students.  It is indeed a great day for Brookstone!

Go Cougars!!!




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