End of the Year Awards

It’s awards season at school!  There are plenty of assemblies to go around and lots of awards being handed down!  But that’s a great thing because it means there are so many people worth honoring!

So while all of the award recipients are worth publicly lauding, there are two in particular I am highlighting here, mainly because I am one proud mom.

First, this boy, my second born, won an award for his work in his Studio Productions class.


Studio Productions is one of our many elective classes and is taught by the amazingly talented Maria Reed.  She’s a filmmaker.  And this award probably means as much to me as it does to him because it is so much bigger than honoring his hard work in a particular class.  It’s about the dedication of our faculty to bring out things in our kids they didn’t know they had.

Up until a few months ago, this child of mine had no idea what it meant to produce a film.  Nor had he ever even indicated an interest in filmmaking, other than as an audience member.  Now, not only has he written a script, but he has directed and acted in his very first movie adaptation.  And the thing is, he’s pretty good at it.  Who knew?  I certainly didn’t!  Neither did he!!

But what a gift it is to have a teacher who is able to identify and develop gifts that we never knew existed.  That is the very essence of our Brookstone faculty.  Thank you, Maria, and all of our faculty, for all you are doing in the lives of our kids.

The second was awarded to my senior last night at the Senior Awards Dinner, which was absolutely beautiful.  Thanks to all who worked hard (my co-workers!) to make it such a special night for the seniors and their families.  It was a lovely evening all the way around, from the honors and accolades awarded, to the beautiful setting at the RiverMill, to our wonderful JUNIOR class serving as wait staff.  It was lovely.

And see how excited my boys are to a selfie with mom? 🙂


The proud mom with members of the Class of 2017, 2015, and 2019 respectively.

I won’t write about it now because there will be plenty to write about since graduation is TOMORROW!  I’m praying for no rain because there is nothing more beautiful than our graduation ceremony in the quad.  It’s enough to make me cry even as I write this.  As a mom, all I can think is, how did it all go so quickly? So allow me to savor it all, take it all in, and say that beyond a shadow of a doubt, my boys make me proud.  And Brookstone has served them well.


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