Memories Made

It is impossible to highlight all the things that are happening on this busy campus during the month of May.  In fact, do we not all agree that May is by far the busiest month of the year?  However, it is busy with a lot of good things and many reasons to celebrate.

A couple of highlights:

Our Baseball Team What a way to end the year.  These young men represented our school so well, making it all the way to the final four in the state playoffs.  Fans packed the baseball field, parents, students, and alumni alike.  It was a beautiful example of the Brookstone community coming out in full force.  Kudos to the team and to their coaches for an amazing run.  You made us all proud.


‘Courtesy of Misty Webb of M and D Images

But beyond the score and the sports page, these are some really great kids.  My family and I had the privilege of traveling to the Dominican Republic with many of them and their families a few years ago.  Working with FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), we spent a week playing baseball, building houses and working in an orphanage.  We are so blessed to have coaches like Vince Massey, who want to build more into our students than just playing sports.  Using sports as the vehicle to serve others is a powerful lesson to impart.

Job well done, boys.  What an outstanding season.

**Not to be excluded, some of our other spring sports teams also had wonderful seasons.  Our tennis teams finished second in the state and our track team had several compete at the state level this week.  For full details, see our website!  Congrats, all around!

Year Book Assembly

Yearbooks!!  Who doesn’t remember the excitement and anticipation of receiving the yearbooks!?  Collecting signatures, writing inside jokes to your friends, obsessively flipping through the pages to see where your face graced the pages…the excitement is as palpable today as it was when I was in school.


However, one thing that has changed is the way Brookstone distributes our yearbooks.  Before passing them out to students individually, we hold a school wide assembly to unveil the yearbook, talk about its theme, and allow the seniors to pick theirs up first.  It’s also a special time because the senior class dedicates the yearbook to a specific a faculty member, and it is during this assembly that the honoree is announced.


This year’s dedication was just about the sweetest thing.  Though they usually honor one of their teachers, this year, the Class of 2015 chose to honor Mr. Walter Burnham, one of the dedicated and selfless members of our maintenance crew.  Having served our school so well for the last 28 years, it was such a fitting tribute to honor a man so seldom in the spotlight, but rather always content behind the scenes making school life better for everyone else.  It was precious.


Senior Rachel Evans announcing the dedication of the 2015 yearbook to Mr. Walter Burnham.


Mr. Walter Burnham and his children at the 2015 yearbook assembly

Walter, thank you for all you do for Brookstone.  And seniors, great choice.

The rest of the day, you would find students around campus looking through their books together.  Memories made and memories shared.



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