Today marks the start of our first full week in school, but there are so many activities happening, you would think we’ve been back for a month or more!  There are too many happenings to highlight, so I encourage you to go to our Facebook Page, Brookstone School (Official) to see all the latest news and photos!

However, there is one event that truly sets us apart as a school and that is the Freshmen Retreat.  No other school in the area takes their ENTIRE freshmen class away, along with their teachers and LINK Crew leaders, at the start of the school year for three days of team building activities and memory making fun.  What an amazing way to start high school…meeting new friends, and reconnecting with old ones, getting to know your teachers outside of the classroom and bonding with the junior and seniors who are on the retreat as well.  There is just no better way to get high school started off on the right foot.  Class of 2019 – the adventure is just beginning!  Enjoy these photos!


Some of our Upper Classmen along for the retreat – our LINK CREW Leaders, who serve as orientation leaders for the freshmen!

11894032_895816790472793_7944975932776198431_o 11875142_895816353806170_1758885364464291412_o 11951492_895816340472838_6640147660941393090_o 11233007_895816327139506_1458465453929670834_o 11017482_895816783806127_5077904680320398122_o 11229561_895816333806172_7556505639697777709_o 11885115_895816533806152_434151323598281134_o 11894521_895816330472839_3104436694628164356_o 11950279_895816357139503_3691605183814038631_o 11888557_895816567139482_4666637205898610070_o 11896466_895816543806151_8337785124828792858_o 11947896_895816447139494_4250655046739410295_o 11951517_895816550472817_7203305101357814377_o

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