Alumni Spotlight – Deana Bass!

It is not often that one of our alumni is part of a history making event, literally!  And it’s even more exciting when that person is  someone as awesome as Deana Bass!

Deana Bass, proud member of the Class of 1991 and a dear friend, is Dr. Ben Carson’s Press Secretary.  Yes, that’s right, THE Dr. Ben Carson, world famous neurosurgeon and Republican presidential candidate.  So tonight, she will be working the second Republican debate as millions will be watching history unfold.  Not only will it become part of our national collective culture, it is projected to be the most watched event in CNN’s history.


Wow. That is one pretty cool job to have right now!  And from one friend to another, you have no idea how badly I wish I was there!

So, Deana, we are so proud that you have a front row seat to history.  We will all be watching from home!

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