Hope for Hadley!

It was a particularly wonderful week for one special Brookstone student and her family.

Hadley Schoenborn, a Brookstone 3rd grader, received a long-awaited new liver on Sunday, September 13th, and the entire Brookstone family celebrated with her!

Hadley was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia soon after she was born and she has been a fighter ever since.  This past Saturday, she got the call – they had a new liver for her.  And after two surgeries, the initial transplant and another one to ensure proper arterial flow, her new liver is settling in nicely.  Hadley named it “Sunrise,” marking the dawn of a new start for this precious girl and her family.  What a privilege it has been to pray for her, celebrate her and send lots of love her way!


Hadley Schoenborn, Brookstone 3rd grader, with a stuffed liver she bought to celebrate the occasion – the gift of her NEW LIVER!


Hadley and her sweet mom, Jillian, as she prepares to go back to surgery!

Hadley has three other siblings at Brookstone – Jackson, in 5th grade, Nola Belle, in Kindergarten, and Tayah, in 3K.  And the Brookstone family wanted to make sure the Schoenborn family knew how much they were loved, so we decided to dedicate a day to celebrate Hadley by wearing green, the official color of organ donation, with splashes of pink and purple, Hadley’s favorite colors!

The Lower and Intermediate Schools gathered to make her a video and pose for lots of cute pictures!


Lower and Intermediate Schools Gather to Celebrate Hadley!


Mrs. Billie Flowers with Hadley’s siblings, Tayah, Nola Belle, and Jackson.

And even though many of our Middle and Upper School students don’t even know Hadley, they wanted to show their love and support as well!



But the outpouring of love and support wasn’t all just for show and celebration.  As a school, we wanted to raise awareness for Organ Donation.


Last year, our Brookstone Upper School students working with the Chick-Fil-A Leader Academy, created the above logo as part of their impact project to raise awareness for just such a thing, and we thought, what a wonderful time to do so again!

So we asked our Brookstone families to change their profile pics to this logo and share it on Facebook in an effort to get as many people as we could to register.  We invite you to do the same!  Click here to become an Organ Donor!!  

To the Schoenborn family, thank you for allowing us to celebrate Hadley and be a part of your journey.  It has been a privilege to lift all of you up in our prayers!  We celebrate with you, rejoice with you and stand with you.  We love you all!


For more details on Hadley’s story, you can follow her Facebook page, Hope for Hadley or her Caring Bridge page.  And for more pictures of our tribute to her, check out Brookstone School (Official) on Facebook!

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