Why Choose Brookstone? Come See for Yourself!

One of the questions I am most often asked as an admissions director is, “WHY Brookstone?” Why choose Brookstone over any other school in the area?  And truthfully, there are so many reasons, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one.

But since it is the height of admissions season, this question weighs heavily on the minds of prospective families – “Why Brookstone?” So allow me to share with you the story of how one of our current families made their decision – why they chose Brookstone for their children.

Why Brookstone?

My family moved to Columbus nine years ago from Atlanta. Our children were in Montessori school, and we loved both the educational method and the level of academics present in our school, and were looking for a similar fit in Columbus. Before we moved here, we did months and months of research on schools; at one point, our dining room table was covered with printed curricula from public, private, and IB educational options. Each time we thought of something that was important to us, we wrote it on a Post-it note and placed the note on the school that best answered our need.

Within two weeks, one school rose clearly above the others.

My husband toured four very different schools in Columbus. During the campus tour at Brookstone, he separated himself from the group, called me from his cell, and said “I don’t care if we have to live in a trailer, our kids must go to this school.” I visited campus with the children a month later and quickly agreed. Sending two children here would be a substantial investment and would affect our lifestyle, but giving them the best education possible was always our top priority. We were excited for the educational and professional opportunities that would await them with a diploma from Brookstone in their hands.

What is it that makes Brookstone different? What’s the “it factor” that sets it apart?

Before this year, I might have stumbled through this answer. But this year, with a child applying to colleges, the answer is clear: It always has been, and it still is, the academics.

We choose Brookstone knowing nothing about the school’s reputation; we had no friends whose children attended, we had zero connection to the school. We chose based on academics and resources and opportunities available to students.

Our senior is deep into the college application process, a not-for-the-faint-of-heart venture that has solidified our decision, and our investment. At a college visit recently, the admissions counselor said, “I always keep an eye out for you Brookstone kids; you’re the most prepared kids for college I’ve ever seen.”

This year has shown us the value of our choice. Seeing the product of a 10-year+ academic investment through someone else’s eyes does much to open your own.

My husband and I have a game we’ve played since we moved here. Every time we meet parents who sent their kids through Brookstone, we ask: Was it worth it? Was it worth the time, the money, the overall investment? We have yet to run into someone who says no, or even hesitates in their most enthusiastic yes.

No school is perfect; there will always be challenges. Looking ahead toward college has caused us to turn around and look at the incredible opportunities our child has experienced at Brookstone, and we’re so grateful for everything. We know that when we chose Brookstone, we made the right choice.

Our Middle and Upper School Open Houses are this Sunday, November 8th at 2:00.  Why choose Brookstone? Come see for yourself!


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