Lower School Science

The lower school science room is one of my favorite places to visit. It is always full of life, energy, and activity. And teacher Helen Varner, whom is often affectionately referred to as “Ms. Frizzle,” is beloved by all!


It’s easy to see why her students love her class so much when you get a glimpse of her enthusiasm for teaching. So, with her permission, I am sharing this email she sent out recently to the Brookstone faculty…

I just have to share this science wonderfulness with my Brookstone family…

After lunch on Wednesday one of my LS scientists, Elijah Todt, brought me an almost completely cleaned chicken bone.  It was the baked chicken. Elijah was particularly psyched because the bone looked so cool!  He was certain it was “a bone from the chicken’s head.” (I didn’t have the heart to tell him that we don’t typically serve “head meat” in our cafeteria.)

Coincidentally, I had been dying to try out this new technique for cleaning bones that one of our LS parents taught me called Bug Boxing. Yes, it’s as gross as it sounds.  And, yes, Elijah was ALL OVER IT. 

So, today Elijah drilled holes in an empty plastic cornstarch container, put the “head bone” in the box, and chose a perfect location- one of the buggiest places on campus- the compost bins. Every week we will go check on the bugs’ progress.  Hopefully, we will get to see all kinds of grody insects as they do their work on the chicken bone. 

Isn’t science AWESOME? Isn’t this young scientist AWESOME?

Elijah's bug box


Science is awesome indeed! And is made even more awesome with a teacher like Ms. Varner!

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