When a former student comes back to share…


Upper School Biology teacher, Cynthia Lingo, had a surprise visitor last week! Jabez Beazer, Class of 2011, came back to school to share the news that he had just been accepted into Morehouse College School of Medicine. And since Mrs. Lingo had played such a role in his time here at Brookstone, he had to come back and share the news with her in person.

I had the privilege of meeting Jabez while he was here visiting with Cynthia and, as I sat and listened to him, I was just amazed by his story. Here was a young man who had showed incredible determination and dedication to get where he was today. And to reflect upon his journey with such poise and grace, I found myself wanting to get every word he said on video tape! He was amazing!!!

Alas, my phone decided it was “full” (thank you, iPhone and your always full storage!) and would not allow me to capture him on film. But never fear, Cynthia had beaten me to it! Before I even arrived in her classroom, she had already grabbed her phone and hit record!

So click here to watch a brief video of Jabez as he shares some of his story.

Jabez, we are so very proud of you and cannot wait to see what the future holds! I have a feeling there are lots more chapters yet to be written in your story.

Come back to visit soon!




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