Beyond Brookstone

All Brookstone Alumni are pretty impressive! Our Alumni Coordinator, Meg Godfrey, has recently started this email series to help our alumni stay connected with former classmates and give them a glimpse into what they are doing Beyond Brookstone.

Enjoy these updates from four Brookstone Alums, Thomas Carroll, Class of 2005, and Lorie Davidson, Class of 2000, Ali Mac Jinks, Class of 2013, and Archie Andrews, Class of 1990.


Name: Lorie Davidson                                                                 

Brookstone Graduation Year: 2000

College Attended: B.A Vanderbilt University, M.Ed Vanderbilt University, MSW Simmons College

Current Town: Alexandria, VA

What are you doing now/future plans?

I currently work as the Associate Director of Children’s Services for the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants where I am responsible for the oversight of all Children’s Programs including Post Release and Home Study Services for Unaccompanied Minors. These programs connect children who have arrived in the United States without their parents or guardians to vital services to assist in successful integration into their communities. These services, which include ensuring the children have access to medical care, mental health services, educational opportunities, and legal representation, are delivered through a network of 40 case managers and Program Officers at 11 sites across the country. I also serve as a Street Outreach volunteer for Sasha Bruce Youthwork, a DC based nonprofit that connects homeless and at risk youth to shelter, educational and vocational opportunities, as well as other social services.

Favorite Brookstone Memory:   I have so many wonderful memories of my time at Brookstone it’s hard to pick just one! I’ll never forget participating in One Act with Ms. Jiles and the amazing cast and crew. We had a special pre-show good luck ritual that involved Michael Paull and a Blink 182 t-shirt and led us to numerous awards including a State Championship!


Name:  Thomas Carroll

Brookstone Graduation Year: 2005

College Attended:  Bachelors Mechanical Eng at Vanderbilt University / Masters Aerospace Eng at Georgia Tech

Current Town: Atlanta, GA

What are you doing now?

I am married to my beautiful Wife, Rachel (also a Brookstone graduate), and working at Delta Air Lines in Flight Operations. Our team is responsible for optimizing the operation of more than 800 aircraft, flying safely to more than 50 countries and 300 destinations every day. It’s fast paced, a lot of fun, and a great blessing to be part of the Delta family.

Favorite Brookstone Memory:

There are many, but I loved competition on the field or court. Beating Pacelli in basketball senior year was a great one. Fried chicken days in the cafeteria. Going to school with my two brothers, Andrew and Wilson. One of my earliest memories of an interest in engineering was in Mrs. Jarrell’s 8th grade class; designing and launching model rockets.

Name: Ali Mac Jinks                                                                  

Brookstone Graduation Year: 2013

College Attended: Georgia Tech

Current Town: Atlanta

What are you doing now?

 I am currently a 4th year Industrial and System Engineering major, Leadership Studies minor at Georgia Tech.  My current roles on campus include Georgia Tech Cheerleader, Georgia Tech Tour Guide, TEDx Georgia Tech Speaker Recruiter, and Georgia Tech LEAD Recruiter.  I plan on studying abroad in Singapore, Vietnam, and China this summer before graduating in December 2017.  Post-graduation, I’m super excited to begin my full-time job with Capital One as a Product Management and Analytics Associate in their Washington, D.C. headquarters!

Favorite Brookstone Memory:  The Letter People Show (I was Miss W – Wonderful Words)

unnamed (1)

Name:  Archie Andrews

Brookstone Graduation Year:  1990

College Attended:  LSU BA Economics 1995, LSU MBA 1997

Current Town:  Dallas, TX

What are you doing now?

I helped launch Zoes Kitchen over 18 years ago as an Owner/Operator, and I am currently the VP of Design and Construction.

Favorite Brookstone Memory:  Too many to pick.  I spent 15 years at Brookstone and loved every minute of it.  From my lifelong friends, to the many sports related memories, to the academic/character foundation Brookstone established, this institution is very special to me.

If you are interested in being featured or have a classmate you would like to spotlight, please email Meg Godfrey at

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