Alumni Spotlight: Jack Jenkins

Brookstone School is so incredibly proud of the more than 3000 alumni we have worldwide. They are the leaders of their communities; they are difference makers; they are making our world a better place. We are so incredibly proud of who they are and what they do.

It’s why we have a Distinguished Alumni Society, so that we can publicly honor and applaud the work they are doing and why we brag on them every chance we get! You can read more by clicking here and here!

Along those lines, we would like to take the opportunity to highlight three of our alumni and show them off just a bit. They are all impressive in their own unique ways and they are all making a mark on this world.

First up is Jack Jenkins. A member of the class of 1982, Jack has been designing the architecture of beautiful homes and workplaces in and around Columbus, Georgia since 1988. He is also the parent of three boys who are now alumni of Brookstone and the husband of one of our very own 3K teaching assistants. We love the entire Jenkins family! We hope you enjoy this video learning a little more about him.

Jack’s not the only alumni working in the residential world around the Columbus. Click here for what some others are doing to make Columbus the beautiful place it is!

To watch our other two Alumni Spotlights, click here for Lulie Wallace and here for Taylor Hollingsworth.

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