Alumni Spotlight: Lulie Wallace

We take our love of art and our budding artists very seriously here at Brookstone School and we always have. We invite you to visit the student art show from last spring and then more recently the Mary Schley Holiday Art Show this past December, to read all about “International Dot Day” and to click here to see one of our Spring Arts Festivals in action. Our love of learning about art doesn’t stop even when we found ourselves in quarantine!

Bottom line, we love art here at Brookstone School. And so do our students.

It’s why so many of our alumni have found themselves in the art world, following their passions. Bo Bartlett, Helen Brooks, Kate Waddell, Katie Jacobson, Evelyn Henson, Sarah Butler West, Dee Dee Tebeau, Blair Voltz Clark, Teil Duncan, Sallie Strickland, Mollie Jenkins, Sally Bradley, Mary Margaret Schley and the list goes on and on. We have a plethora of alumni in the art world.

That’s why it is our privilege to spotlight one of these amazingly talented people in this video – Lulie Wallace. A member of the class of 2005, Lulie got her degree in art from the College of Charleston and moved back to Columbus in 2017. In addition to being married to an alum, she is the proud parent of one of our adorable Pre-K students and two future Cougars, as well. We hope you enjoy this video about her.

Click here to watch for the Jack Jenkins Alumni Spotlight and click here for the Taylor Hollingsworth Alumni Spotlight.

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