Brookstone Virtual Art Gallery

We are proud to present the Brookstone Spring Arts Show as a virtual gallery. Brookstone has a long history of excellence in the arts. Students from 3K-12 are introduced to art in ways that ignite the imagination and explore a variety of mediums. In the age of COVID-19, this virtual tour will allow families to experience this years’ collection in a welcoming environment that inspires and delights. This is an unprecedented and challenging time; however, celebrating our students’ achievements in visual art continues.

Student work includes examples of basic drawing, figure drawing, painting, and ceramic building, as well as showing proficiency in digital media, mixed media, photography of installation work, and other 3D media. The Fine Arts Department is very proud to present this body of student achievement.

Through the virtual exhibit, you can pan around a gallery by moving your device to the left or right. A virtual tour is also available. For tips on navigating through the gallery, click on the information icon at the top right of the screen and follow the tutorial.

And now – enjoy the art from the comfort of your home!



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