Brookstone DLP Week Four

It was another busy week here at Brookstone School! It’s hard to believe we just finished week four of our Distance Learning Plan, but here are some highlights!

Brookstone Heroes

First and foremost, it is prudent to pause and say thank you to the many people on the front-lines in this battle against COVID-19. We thank you and we celebrate you!


And if you missed the tribute by our Lower School students earlier this week, you can click here to watch!

DMag’s Weird and Wacky Wednesday

These weekly videos are simply too much fun not to share. We love Dr. Maguire!

Purple Up!

We celebrated our love and support for our military children and had a special reading of her book, Goodnight, Soldier!, by Andrea Blair, Class of 2005. You can click here to read more!

Seniors in the Classroom

Though we cannot physically be together, our seniors are still seeking to engage with their adopted classes. See the two videos below where Hap Perkins reads a book to his class and Clark Smith offers a challenge to his! The 3K-12th grade educational experience is unlike any other! It’s just one of the many reasons – WHY BROOKSTONE!

Virtual Art Show

Though we couldn’t have our annual Spring Arts Festival, our Fine Arts Director, Paul Hampton, created the most wonderful virtual art show! Click here to see it for yourself!

Deliberate Life Speeches

And one of the oldest and most beloved traditions at Brookstone, the Senior Speech, now known as the Deliberate Life Program, has gone virtual! It’s not the same as standing in the Turner Center and presenting to your fellow students live and in person, but we are proud of these students for carrying on the tradition, even if it looks a little different!

Congratulations to the following seniors for completing and sharing their speeches with their fellow students! Job well done!

    Joseph Loudermilk  – Weather Forecasting

.  Carson Marchetti –  Stockbroking

Elizabeth Sigman – Glassblowing
Savannah Parr – Small Business
Riley Hastings – Wedding Dress Design
Anna Beth Willett – Computer Programming

Intermediate School Math

Want an insight into IS learning? Here’s a snapshot from Ms. Pease’s math class! School looks different, but our learning has not stopped!


First Grade Historical Figure Museum

These kiddos have a few years before they will give their Senior Speech, but the preparation for public speaking begins now! Enjoy these videos from our precious first graders!

Missing Mr. Crampes

Last but not least, in a nod to the “simpler” days, we sure do miss Mr. Crampes, our beloved crossing-guard, and all these kids on campus every day!



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