Annual Senior/Faculty Competition – The Grill-Off

Every year, the seniors and faculty spend the spring locked in a fierce competition!

Yesterday was the annual “Grill-Off!” Seniors G Barnes, Andrew Ogletree, Stuart Sherrer, and Frank Waldrep went head to head over the best burger with Jacob Crowder and Jimmy Thompson. Our admin team got to stand in as the un-biased judges!

It was truly a tough competition, as both were delicious, but the seniors pulled out the victory! Their burgers were DELICIOUS!

File_004 (4).jpeg

G Barnes brought his camping stove to prepare the bacon, mushrooms, and sauteed onions onsite. Molly Goare helps slice the tomatoes.

File_002 (8).jpeg

The crowd looks one with anticipation!

File_007 (2).jpeg

File_001 (8).jpeg

Coach Thompson preparing his “Super Duper” burger!

File_001 (11)

File_008 (2).jpeg


File_003 (3).jpeg

Stuart puts his burgers on the grill.

File_000 (34)

File_002 (10).jpeg

The judges! Meg Godfrey, Alumni Coordinator, Avery Wolff, Director of Admissions, and Connie Mansour, Director of Communications.


Jacob Crowder and Jimmy Thompson proudly display their “Super Duper” Burger!


Stuart Sherrer, Andrew Ogletree, G Barnes, and Frank Waldrep and their burger creations!

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