Senior/Faculty Basketball Game

The senior/faculty competition continues! Today, the faculty took on our seniors and they WON! It was a hard fought game for sure, but both teams played hard!

This is always one of my favorite events. The camaraderie between teachers and students is one of the most special aspects of our school. I just love this place.

File_000 (31).jpeg

Pre-game rules discussion

File_001 (9).jpeg

Jumpball! Senior William Reaves takes on his coach, Bentley Sparks!

File_000 (32).jpeg

Senior Elijah Epps dribbles the ball down the court!

File_001 (10).jpeg

Senior Josh Long making a drive to the basket!

File_002 (9).jpeg

Crowd support!

File_000 (28)

There is only one more event…who will clench the title? Stay tuned!

File_000 (29)

Great job to all!

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