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Last week, we celebrated our underclassmen with a variety of awards and honors given for scholastic achievement over the course of the school year. However, among the most impressive honors given are those bestowed on members of the junior class who were honored for their accomplishments by several colleges and universities. Below are the remarks by Frances Berry, one of our College Counselors.

Each year colleges and universities give book awards and merit awards to deserving juniors.  With these awards come scholarship offers should a student choose to attend the college.

Our first book award is from the 13th oldest college in the nation, Salem College, and the book selection is a novel entitled So Far From God by Ana Castil.  This award includes a $32,000 scholarship should the recipient choose to enroll.  I am pleased to present this book to a student who has championed independence for women in both thought and action, and that is Molly Burts.

Our second book award comes from Wellesley College, a Boston school since 1875 and is known for its academic excellence, service to others and concern for women’s education.  In that spirit, the book is titled The Norton Book of Women’s Lives which is an anthropology of autobiographic writings from women around the world.  This book goes to a student who values integrity, curiosity, creativity and has both personal and academic achievement. I am pleased to award it to Candice Keogh.

The Wofford Scholars Program is given in recognition of outstanding qualities of scholarship, leadership and service and goes to Bradford Sikes and Walker Hinds.

Furman University nominates Furman Scholars in recognition of outstanding scholastic achievement and offers an $80,000 scholarship.  Brookstone’s Furman Scholars are Mary Katherine Duncan, Anna Leary, Catherine Sigman, and Elyse Sway.

Lastly, is the University of Georgia Certificate of Merit.  UGA identifies and rewards superior scholastic endeavors through outstanding achievement in the first three years of high school in the hope that such recognition will result in even greater academic effort and full pursuit of a formal program of higher education.  Our UGA Merit Scholars are Uma Alappan, Will Byrd, Abby Crowley, Elim Lee, and Josie Yancey.

Congratulations to all of these students. You are starting out your senior year with quite an honor. Job well done!!!

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