Graduation 2017

Graduation is a bitter sweet time for both the students and their families. You can experience joy, trepidation, excitement, and nostalgia or a combination of them all at any given moment – and I say that as a mom of one of these precious graduates!

But it was an absolute delight to honor the Class of 2017 this past weekend. The ceremony was a culmination of a week’s worth of celebration and it could not have been more beautiful. Enjoy these photos from various events, in somewhat chronological order! They are certainly not representative of ALL of the amazing photographs and stories, but are a nice little snippet!

Now that the week’s festivities have concluded and I am able to reflect upon all the ceremonies, speeches and special times together, I just want to re-iterate the gratitude I feel towards Brookstone School. There is no better school in Columbus, GA – none that can even compare. I am so grateful for Brookstone and what it has meant to my family! It is such a special place and I am humbled and grateful to have been a part for so long!

Congrats to the Class of 2017!!!

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The official graduation season kicks off with the Yearbook Assembly, a school wide event where the seniors are given their yearbooks. Pictured above are senior Levi Wolff and his brother, 3rd grader, Stewart Wolff.

File_001 (17).jpeg

Seniors await the yearbook distribution. Immediately afterwards, they donned their robes and marched through the school to the cheers of the underclassmen!



Following the march, the first graduation practice is held. Above, Head of School Marty Lester addresses the seniors one last time as a group. Mr. Lester taught many of them Constitutional Law this year and the seniors LOVE him!

File_000 (55).jpeg

Thursday night marked the Senior Awards Dinner held at the River Mill. Lots of celebration and honors to go around!


File_001 (19).jpeg



File_000 (54).jpeg

Saturday morning, Baccalaureate was held in the Jordan Gym.  Dr. John Harkey, US English teacher, was chosen by the students to give the faculty address.

File_001 (18).jpeg

Senior portraits decorate the gym walls during Baccalaureate.


Graduation is about to begin!




File_000 (56).jpeg

Student Procession


Displaying 18582506_1370453126342488_8047492222426751653_n.jpg

File_001 (20).jpeg

Such a gorgeous evening. And we are so grateful the rain held off! It rained before and afterward, but was perfect throughout the ceremony!

File_002 (15).jpeg


File_003 (6).jpeg


Wesley Tillman, one of the senior speakers.


Carsen Storey delivers the second student address.


File_001 (21).jpeg

Diplomas are awarded.


All smiles!


Congratulations, seniors!

File_000 (57).jpeg

The tossing of the caps! It’s now official!


And the hardest thing of all, saying goodbye.


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  1. It was a lovely evening and such a pleasure to watch all of these beautiful young women and young men graduate. The speeches were both so good and the graduates were just glowing. Thank heavens it stopped raining so we could all be on the Quad! Love these pictures and videos –thank you!


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