End of the Year Joy and Chaos!

There is so much happening around campus, it’s hard to keep up with it all! Here are just a few of the events currently taking place!

Field day – in various stages because of rain! Above are the first graders!

File_002 (16).jpeg

A little study time in the Tinker Tank!

File_005 (5).jpeg

File_001 (22).jpeg

First grade girls coming back from field day! 

File_007 (4).jpeg

Intermediate school kids hanging out during recess!

File_006 (4).jpeg

File_004 (6).jpeg

Upper schoolers have three exams down! Two to go!


Middle School is ready for locker clean out!

File_000 (59).jpeg

Kindergarten girls enjoy this beautiful day!

File_000 (58).jpeg

Window Wisdom for our intermediate school kids!

File_004 (7).jpeg

Cardboard boats ready for the intermediate school pool regatta!

File_003 (7).jpeg

File_000 (60).jpeg

Third grade boys celebrate their field day victory! 

File_001 (23).jpeg

Precious middle school girls on their way to lunch! Love them!

File_000 (62).jpeg

Thankful for this beautiful place, this amazing school and all the wonderful memories made throughout the 2016-2017 school year! We love you, Brookstone!

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