Thank you, Brookstone!


As the school year comes to an end, here is a smattering of comments that were being shared by parents and students alike about our sweet school…

From our parents:

“We are so grateful for Mrs. Floyd and all of her teachers/coaches that have made her Intermediate school experience so wonderful!”

“Our school is AMAZING!!! Who has a Boat Regatta on the last day with boats the kids built themselves?!?”

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“It’s the end of a great year for my little man! He had the best teachers who loved him and met him right where he was and gave him what he needed! He is a confident mathematician, writer, reader, scientist, artist and musician because of the love these teachers poured into him this year! He may cry tomorrow when he realizes Kay Kennedy won’t be his teacher anymore and Jessica Carroll Adams won’t be there either! Great 3rd Grade Year! Ready for Intermediate School! Watch out IS — here he comes!!”

“My daughter cried herself to sleep before the last day of school because she did not want to leave Brookstone for the summer!”

“5th grade graduation…he is ready. I am not! I love it here.”

“And just like that, I sent these boys to their last day in lower school. 😦 I am thankful for some really amazing teachers…”

“You know it’s been a great year when my child cries the biggest, saddest tears the whole way home! He loved third grade more than we could have ever hoped for! Thank you for a great year!!!”

“As I returned my child’s textbooks this morning, I found myself teary and emotional because my 5th grader was about to graduate from the intermediate school.  As I was leaving, a teacher came up to me and introduced herself. Her name was Mrs. Highnote and she told me that she recognized my rising 9th grade daughter’s name and is so excited about teaching her next year. She spent the next 10 minutes talking to me about what a wonderful place the UPPER school is and how much she loves her job and our school. I found my heart shifting from sweet-sad about my son leaving the intermediate school to sweet-excited about my daughter entering the upper school.  Thank you to Mrs. Highnote!  Without even realizing it, she was put in my path at the perfect time!”


From our seniors…

“Thankful for 5 great years at Brookstone, the best teachers and friends, an incredible senior year and an amazing night with the Class of 2017 that we will never, ever forget!”

“Couldn’t thank this school enough for what it has given me the past 7 years!”

“Thanks for 14 amazing years, Brookstone!”

“Thank you, Brookstone, for four years full of the best friends, role models, and memories! I am beyond excited for what the next four years have in store!”

“It’s hard to believe that my time at Brookstone has come to an end! There is nowhere else I would have wanted to spend the past 14 years. So thankful for this wonderful place and the friendships and memories it gave me along the way!”

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From our teachers who are moving:

“I look back at my 5-year tenure at Brookstone with my brilliant, confident, fun-loving squad. Memories to last a lifetime and the knowledge to take us places.”

“I’m so grateful for the opportunity to teach and to send my daughters to such a wonderful school. Though our time at Brookstone was short (too short), the memories and relationships we have all built will undoubtedly last far longer.”

“I love you my students; former and current. I am thankful for the relationships we have created and will grow even as we take the different exits!”

“Going to miss these bright, sweet, talented people! Hope they have the best summer ever! #theybettervisitme #thisyearwentsofast #awesomefamilies”


Thank you, thank you, Brookstone School! Happy Summer to everyone!

Now it’s time to register for camp! Click here for Brookstone Summer! 🙂


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