First Day of School!

There could not have been a more joyful way to start the day than being in the lower school carpool line this morning!

With music playing, an enthusiastic crowd of teachers, football players, cheerleaders, and even Bubba the Cougar greeted our littlest students with hugs and high fives. Students were so eager to jump out of the car, they could hardly wait! One mom said her Pre-K son kept shouting, “Unbuckle me out! Unbuckle me out!” He was so excited to get out and join the fun!

File_005 (6).jpeg

File_001 (27).jpeg

File_001 (26)

File_003 (10)File_000 (74).jpegFile_008 (3).jpeg

File_000 (75)File_006 (5).jpegFile_003 (11).jpeg

Not long afterward, students settled into their classes, meeting their new teachers and going over some classroom rules and expectations. Smiles abounded and the excitement was contagious!

File_006 (6)File_004 (10)File_006 (9)File_001 (31)File_001 (30)

File_000 (77)File_003 (15)File_004 (13)File_005 (8)File_002 (19)File_007 (5)File_002 (18)File_000 (76)

It was a great first day here at Brookstone School and we know without a doubt – it is going to be a GREAT year!

Go Cougars!

File_002 (20).jpeg

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