It’s Dot Day! Make Your Mark!

We have the very best teachers in the entire world! Did you know today was International Dot Day? Neither did I!

But it was an exciting day when one of our beloved art teachers, Deana Graham, to showed up to school today decked out in dots to promote the concept of “Making Your Mark!”

Inspired by the book, The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds, International Dot Day celebrates the story of a young girl who was challenged by one of her teachers to “make her mark.”

File_004 (16).jpeg

File_005 (10).jpegFile_004 (15).jpeg

Taking that concept to heart, “Mama D,” as Deana is affectionately known, spent the morning passing out dots, sharing the story and encouraging our own students to make an impact, make a difference, and make their mark on this world around them! 

Thank you, Deana, and all of our amazing teachers who encourage, inspire, and unlock the passions of our children each and every day! 

Happy International Dot Day! Now go and be the one who makes their mark! 

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