TMI in the IS

Today is Friday, which means it is TMI in the IS – Tinker, Make, and Innovate in the Intermediate School! All kinds of learning happens when you have the time and space to create, hammer, saw and sew! What more could a child want? Enjoy these pictures of our 4th and 5th graders hard at work! Or play! Or both!

File_003 (16).jpegFile_004 (17).jpegFile_005 (11).jpegFile_007 (7).jpegFile_006 (11).jpegFile_009 (1)File_003 (19)File_000 (86).jpegFile_008 (7).jpegFile_000 (85).jpegFile_001 (35).jpegFile_007 (6).jpegFile_003 (20).jpegFile_006 (10).jpeg



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