#Be The One Who Creates

One of the greatest things Brookstone offers its student are the opportunities to have incredible learning experiences outside of the classroom.  The Advance Film Class’s trip to New York City to participate in the All-American High School Film Festival is one such example. It is truly the educational adventure of a lifetime.

Students Mackie Amos, Brendan Belman, Mason Gillespie, Avery Holbrook, Ariele Hopf, Camille Hudson, Joseph Kim, and Briggs Kalish, a mix of juniors and seniors,  traveled to New York City last week to compete. Film teacher Dan Quigely, drama teacher Krista Maggart, and college counselor Jon Terrell traveled with them.

Up until this point, the students had spent the school year writing, casting, scouting, and scripting their film during class time. Once they arrived in New York, they had 72 hours to film, edit, and produce it. There was not one second to waste. In fact, they finished with only three minutes to spare.


Working with much of their own equipment, the students collaborated with two actors, Danny Blanda and Emily Parrish, both Columbus State University alumni living in New York City. Danny and Emily, along with our very own Krista Maggart, made up the cast of the six minute short film, The Last Time.


Dan Quigley says, “The students blew the project out of the water and worked with the utmost professionalism. They worked as a team and supported each other when it would have been easy to cast blame or get upset. The production environment (this one in particular) is always filled with high stress and the team managed to solve countless problems that challenged this project.”

Krista agreed. “We submitted our film on time and are excited for the results! Either way, we won. Our time in NYC has been great! Their teamwork and positive attitude have made this trip a blast!”

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Congratulations to you all! What an amazing accomplishment and an adventure you will never forget! We can’t wait to watch The Last Time!

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