If the Shoe Fits…


Mrs. Kennedy’s Third Grade Class Dressed to Perform!

Our third graders recently gave an amazing performance of “If the Shoe Fits!” based on the story of Cinderella. It is one of the cutest plays you’ve ever seen!

After the show, one of our third grade teachers received the following email from a parent:

My daughter came home this afternoon and was so proud of her performance that she wants to do the Brookstone drama camp and “try out for a bigger role when we do our class play next year.”  What have you done with my shy kid?  Whatever it is, thank you.  She’s asleep with a huge smile on her face.  I would love to know what she’s dreaming about – but it stems from being happy.  

Isn’t that the best!?

One thing is for sure, Brookstone build confidences into our precious kiddos. It’s part of our overall leadership philosophy. Some kids are born ready to command an audience, but for others, it’s something that has to be brought out of them, and Brookstone provides just the right environment to allow those children to thrive.

So call us confident! We agree! After all…if the shoe fits!


A few of the fellows from Mrs. McGregor’s class!


The girls from Mrs. McGregor’s class are as cute as pie!

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