Senior/Faculty Cup 2018

Every spring, our seniors and our faculty members go head to head in a variety of competitions that range from basketball to corn hole to flying paper airplanes! It sounds so simple, but these friendly face-offs are just another example of the strong sense of community and camaraderie that we have here at Brookstone! You just don’t get at other schools!

Today was the annual Hamburger Cook-Off! And these kids take their burgers seriously! Though Coach Jimmy Thompson is quite the grill master, the seniors pulled out all the stops! This year, they clinched the victory with a perfectly seasoned bacon burger with two entire grilled cheese sandwiches as the buns. Hard to top that for sure!




Seniors Dylan Wright, Josh Fernicola, Coach Jimmy Thompson, and senior Russell Blanchard

Tomorrow’s events include a water balloon toss and tug of war! The whole thing culminates with a trivia contest next week! Thus far, the seniors have the lead…but for how long!?


Categories: Faculty, Teachers, Upper School

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