Student-Led Conferences

This past week was conference day for our Intermediate School students and parents. However, this particular conference is a little bit different because it is led by the students – not the teachers.

Full disclosure – this blog is first and foremost written from a parent’s point of view! But suffice it to say, was I impressed.

The first thing he did was to welcome us and thank us for coming. Sweet boy.

Then he proceeded to review the entire year’s worth of work: his favorite assignments in each subject,  his biggest challenges, his strengths and weaknesses as a student and as a friend. He showed us examples of his work, his research, and his writing with pride and satisfaction. He even laid out his goals for the summer – some of which might be a stretch, but we’ll shoot for those stars!

Bottom line, the whole thing was fantastic. Not only did the conference allow him the opportunity to do some serious self-reflection, but it took a lot of work and composure on his part. I was blown away. After all, any time a fourth grader is able to use the terms “meta-cognition” and “schema” in the appropriate context, it’s quite impressive.

Thanks to the Intermediate School teachers for all you do and for allowing your students this opportunity! It’s been an amazing year and I cannot thank you enough!





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